Inspired by By Common Consent’s overview of 2018 site stats, our Wheat & Tares team decided we should likewise take a look back at the year. Enjoy!

Our top month of all time (well, since we changed hosting platforms a few years ago) was October 2018 with 109,341 views! We averaged 3,527 views per day during that month. We had over 1 million site views in 2018.

Here are the top posts for 2018:

  1. Ever Wonder How Much President Monson Gets Paid? Now We Know.
  2. President Nelson’s Global Ministry Tour: Broadcast for the UK and ROI
  3. For Seminary Students, Exclusion Policy is Model of Modern Revelation
  4. LDS Sunday School, the Two-Hour Block, and the Book of Mark
  5. New First Presidency for LDS Church
  6. What Do You Get When You Combine Denver Snuffer and Robert Norman? Mike Stroud
  7. LDS Millenials, Greg Prince, Eric Huntsman, and Jordan Peterson
  8. Bill Reel’s Disciplinary Court
  9. Handicapping the Two New LDS Apostle Selections
  10. Think You Understood What Elder Ballard Was Talking About? You Might Be Surprised.

Top Authors for 2018:

  • hawkgrrrl (86,511 views)
  • Bishop Bill (74,821 views)
  • Mary Ann (69,225 views)
  • Dave B. (63,622 views)
  • churchistrue (60,709 views)

The most active time of day for commenters is 11:00 am. We’ve had a total of 77,910 comments to the site since the new platform. There are an average of 652 comments per month. Top recent commenters are:

  1. Michael 2
  2. Dsc
  3. Stephen R. Marsh
  4. Mike
  5. JR

Nearly 3,000 posts have been shared since the beginning. The Facebook site has 547 followers, and our Twitter feed has 1,451 follower.