Wheat & Tares

The philosophies of men mingled with the philosophies of women.


Wheat and Tares is a group of eclectic bloggers who like to blog about stuff.  The stuff is admittedly quite random.

We welcome guest post submissions. If you are interested in writing one, please submit your post to 

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Is the photo of the potter’s hands copyrighted or could I use it on one of my church walls?


  2. If the blog posts are “random,” why are so many of them about the mormon church? Nowhere on the site does it mention that is an LDS thing. Why is that?

  3. Nonee—good point. It has been LDS from the start and it was so obvious to us we didn’t think about it.

    The “random” statement is more about how we are posting about whatever moves us rather than in any coordinated fashion.

    But we are definitely part of the bloggernacle which is all LDS.

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