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The philosophies of men mingled with the philosophies of women.


Wheat and Tares is a group of eclectic bloggers who like to blog about stuff.  The stuff is admittedly quite random.

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8 thoughts on “About

  1. Is the photo of the potter’s hands copyrighted or could I use it on one of my church walls?


  2. If the blog posts are “random,” why are so many of them about the mormon church? Nowhere on the site does it mention that is an LDS thing. Why is that?

  3. Nonee—good point. It has been LDS from the start and it was so obvious to us we didn’t think about it.

    The “random” statement is more about how we are posting about whatever moves us rather than in any coordinated fashion.

    But we are definitely part of the bloggernacle which is all LDS.

  4. As from pioneer heritage on both sides these stories don’t seem new. But gosh whole heartily wrong. I can’t believe how Bruce R McConkie got away with it for so many years and many others. Fact is it’s okay for leadership to get in political bed with forgeign countries like UNICEF and WHO and Nato which are evil entities to our freedom and our religious beliefs but cancel culture has been Cherry picked for many years. I keep my mouth shut and just watch as this whole body will implode like our early prophets said it would. All will be made right and the BoM is true and the authority was restored. Other than that we have become like every other religion on the world stage. Nothing special to it anymore

  5. To be more accurate – you should add that the posts are from people who want the church to agree with them and so it is definitely not representative of the faithful church membership. In other words – another wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing website.

  6. Aloha Bishop Bill.

    After 50 years of surfing, my hands looked similar. Am also a merchant mariner so my church attendance seems spotty at best.

    A few years ago reading the blogs posted about the Book of Abraham brought some serious questions which i pondered.

    One morning i was blessed with a personal revelation of that and other books recorded in heaven.

    I mentioned it to another close friend who then recieved the same but more detailed revelation as mine.

    Because of the sensitive nature the personal revelation i do not desire to reveal it in a blog. It confirmed to me the truthfulness of that “translation”.

    As it was rather astonishing to me it was written down. Aye am hoping to recieve additional information. If you are interested i can send hou my notes on the matter. Please keep in mind i am just a member who has been out of the church until a few years ago so aye tread lightly wishing to keep my membership and not publish personal revelation nor desire to be known. if there is a way to share only with you, i would happily contact you.

  7. On Elisa and Heavenly Mother:

    I recently posted the following comment in response to Elisa’s censoring and deleting an earlier comment:

    “I stated that Sonntag is the best LDS author on the mother-goddess subject: how does that demean women?”

    Elisa then proceeded to delete my subsequent post.

    Nothing I said breaks the blog standards according to Wheat and Tares. Elisa simply didn’t like what I had to say. Review the comments.

    If authors don’t feel like responding, they don’t have to. But when a comment is directed to me, I should be able to respond–even if we do not share the same opinion.

    In this case, Elisa’s censorship is unwarranted.

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