if saints had chosen our blessing
we would have today without question

and if the lord himself would say
come conform to counsel
it might be easier to center our energies

questionable productivity
divine principle works for the proper

the issue, I think

those only are saved who abide the law
the wholesome eternal law

if we speak, we shall end
if we ponder, we will break
and so with every course
god will rain down upon us

Be not deceived
reap corruption
reap life

sing the songs of city streets
in lonely places
centering might
if we are going, we must ponder

we must rivet our lips to life and
sacrifice unnumbered blessings—
all blessings that proclaim
no bounds and conclude
with an eternal kingdom

Poet’s Notes:

This erasure poem utilizes words and phrases taken from the written text of Elder Bruce R. McConkie’s October 1973 General Conference address: “Think on These Things.” The italicized lines are from Elder McConkie’s quotation of the Apostle Paul in Galatians 6:7-8. The poem should be read as a new piece, rather than an abridgment of McConkie’s talk.

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The featured image was taken by me at the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park.