solemnity and bones
tones upon hands

calm awe drank our souls
as we received witness

a middle is borne
a kind debate had

people of a seal suffice
we have not followed cunningly


similar later saints
recall letting experiences
the divine obligation

they were men of a sound
ministry illustrated perfectly

past all principle
our children carry us

keys exalt mortal heavens
waters repent and fall

sweet clay upon spirit
ear and concurrence

Poet’s Notes:

The above poem utilizes words and phrases taken from the written text of Elder Bruce R. McConkie’s April 1973 General Conference address: Upon Judea’s Plains. The italicized lines are scripture passages quoted by Elder McConkie: 2 Peter 1:16 and Alma 17:2. The poem should be read as a new piece, rather than as an abridgment of McConkie’s talk.

For another poem, try McConkie Erasure: October 1974.

The featured image of a rainbow over Lake Powell is by skeeze on Pixabay.