Years ago I knew a Stake President who told me he didn’t like calling former bishops to the high council because he wound up with a bunch of “yes men”.

On the other hand, my father was on a stake high council, and was released after just two years. He told me that he was usually the only one that would bring up a contrary opinion to any discussion, and the stake president didn’t like that, and released him. The apple does not fall far from the tree!

Do the men we sustain in the Q12 each have the ability to speak up, and say what is wrong, or are they all just yes men?

From the SLTrib Podcast Mormon Land [1], Greg Prince tells of speaking with Tom Christofferson , the gay brother of Elder Tod Christofferson of the Q12. Tom was upset when the policy of exclusion (POX) was announced, and called his brother Todd. Todd told him he learned about the POX only on Tuesday, three days before it was reveled, and four days before he (Elder Christofferson ) gave a response for the policy. Elder Christofferson told his brother Tom that on Tuesday it was “presented to the 12 as an up or down vote without debate”

While Greg Prince’s account is 3rd hand information, lets assume for the purpose of this blog post that it is true, and that neither Greg or Tom, or Todd for that matter is lying about what happened that day in the meeting of the Twelve Apostles and the First Presidency. Also lets ignore that fact that Greg’s version contradicts Pres Nelson’s version of what happened. Lets instead talk about why all twelve voted to sustain the Policy. Was it possible for any of the Q12 to vote no, or was the pressure to conform too great to let their conscious/spirit/common sense guide them?

Have the Q12 been chosen because they conform to what is expected of them? In hindsight even they have acknowledged (via the pulling back) that the policy was bad, and did more harm that good. This being the case, why didn’t one of them stand up to Pres Nelson, or whoever was pushing this through, and say no?

What have you seen at the ward and stake level. Have you seen counselors in Bishoprics and Stake Presidencies disagree with the Bishop/Stake Pres? What were the consequences?

[1] Mormon Land Podcast, SLTrib, April 10th, 2019