I believe
for the time
and season lie

I know
by the prophecy
and present errand

we serve and lead
as though
as shalt
as if

to believe
to suppose
to other

confront our day and time
the stinging path
escape the labors of the dead
abide the keys

accordingly it is my desire to lay
before us plain fact
like last days at the feet of the first

may I say
chance chooses every age
and foreordains foundations

may I take
more than mortal
by adoption

our revelations abound
relative to law
as it applies to specific
to special
to promised
to a lamb

all known and arranged
all planned and prepared
remain mortality

mysterious years
thin friends on the errand eternal
their abodes clay

a curtain drawn
our dominion and agency devised
by infinite degrees

hence comes doctrine
when come talents
obedience to Mozart and Melchizedek

mouths of violence

a prophetic ear

Poet’s Notes:

This erasure poem utilizes words and phrases taken from the written text of Elder Bruce R. McConkie’s April 1974 General Conference address: God Foreordains His Prophets and His People. The poem should be read as an original piece rather than an abridgement of Elder McConkie’s sermon. This is the fifth poem in a series. To try another, read McConkie Erasure: April 1973. Reactions are welcome in the comment section.

For keys to drawing meaning out of poems like this, read the post Forget the Poet. Love the Poem

The featured image is called “The Last Prayer” by Henry Wolf, after a painting by Jean Léon Gérôme.