A Mormon Poem

we people
we sins and blessings
in the waters of sacrifice

god and gain
inseparably intertwined
consecrate our cause

our good name only
an occasional martyr
to implicit willingness

young man rich man later man
die unexpectedly
wonder plentifully
provide the matter

a certain man
costs but little
one mite in the eternal scales

bulging granaries occasion
our prophets

young man good man nameless saint
think perfectly
expect sometimes
live to sacrifice angels

Poet’s Notes:

This erasure poem utilizes words and phrases taken from the written text of Elder Bruce R. McConkie’s April 1975 General Conference address: Obedience, Consecration, and Sacrifice. The poem should be read as an original piece rather than an abridgement of Elder McConkie’s sermon. This is the sixth poem in a series. You can try another here: McConkie Erasure: April 1974. Reactions are welcome in the comment section.

The featured image of the Angel Moroni is from Pixabay.