My God hath been
my support; he hath
led me through mine
afflictions in the wilderness;
he hath preserved
me upon the waters of
the great deep

He hath filled
me with his love, even
the consuming of my flesh

He hath confounded
mine enemies, unto the causing
them to quake before me

Behold, he hath heard
my cry by day,
he hath given me
knowledge by visions
in the night time
by day have I
waxed bold in mighty
prayer before him; yea,
my voice have I
sent upon high;
angels came
down and ministered
unto me. and upon
the wings of his
spirit hath my body
been carried away upon
exceeding high mountains

And mine eyes hath
beheld great things; yea,
even too great for man;
therefore I was

bidden that I should
not write them

Poet’s Notes:

Backtrack to read Psalm of Nephi: Part One.

Reactions to this piece are welcome in the comments below. As a suggested question, what lines of the poem stand out to you? Why?

This free verse poem is adapted from the text of the Psalm of Nephi (found in 2 Nephi Chapter 4 in The Book of Mormon).