Let’s say you are God of your own world, and have billions of spiritual offspring. You want them all to live with you. Would you just let them all live with you, or would you winnow the crop somehow to only let some live with you. What criteria would you pick? How would you judge them?

We can’t know God’s reasons, but it seems like the Plan of Salvation (AKA Plan of happiness) is very complected as the attached shows.

From the graphic above, or any graphic showing the Plan of Salvation, it is almost like people were making things up to explain why things are like they are. If you can’t remember living with God? That is because he made you forget. Somebody did something really bad? Satan made him do it. Why is Satan ticked off? God rejected his plan. What happens when babies die? They get saved automatically.

So, if you were starting from scratch, what would your plan of salvation look like? Can you think of the simpler way to figure out who should live with you. Since you are god, and are omnipotent and omniscient, you can make up any rules you want, which begs the question on why an omniscient god even needs to have a plan. Can’t he just “know” what his offspring are capable of, and make his selection that way? Go ahead, give it your best shot!