attack us with feathers
lull us when we suspect
lash us when we daydream dark
espresso into smooth warm milk
gasp when we miss your punchline
relax our smirking into sighs, but…
overdo nothing, and we mean nada

maestro, direct and reflect our druthers
apply expression in marked measures

never leave us wanting for glee
or bear hugs and back pats, yet…
neither bustle us euphorically

tickle us but let us be
relieved before we freak
out. We, who’ve come to be
pleased by every sweetly set
particular, entrust to mariachis
our heap of virtuoso must-haves

Poet’s Notes:

The above acrostic poem is taken from an Italian phrase often applied to symphony movements: allegro ma non troppo. For musicians, the term means fast, but not too much. I found it delightful that Google’s translator tool instead renders allegro as “cheerful.”

Image by jacqueline macou from Pixabay.