It is easy enough to find what President John Taylor considered the most important part of the gospel in many ways (at least measured by emphasis and recurring themes): Priesthood.

But. In recent church history we tend to simplify the gospel to the same thirty words or so and then to give each of those words just one simple meaning.

So that if I asked an LDS audience what “priesthood” means I would get the same answer a hundred times in a row–and it wouldn’t mean what John Taylor meant.

Because to him it was fellowship, fraternity, the binding social connection that was important and that he used the word “priesthood” to describe.

Not surprising is that Joseph Smith used the word the same way at times. It was a core part of the message sent to us by God.

The Prophet designated it as the “‘olive leaf’ … plucked from the Tree of Paradise, the Lord’s message of peace to us.”

It is also a part of the gospel that we seem in the most danger of losing.

Ask yourself how social things are at church? When was the last time you felt fellowship or fraternity with your fellow saints? What binds you together in ties of friendship and family?

What do you think we can do to reclaim what the early prophets considered the core of the priesthood?

Are we immovable?