This will not be a popular post.  I’m about to offend the most self-righteous portion of the on-line community.  I’m going to do it with the truth.

I’m going to do it while talking about a subject without naming it directly, because naming it directly causes it to happen.

In two different areas, the most common influence for whether or not a specific type of act of harm is inflicted is whether or not it receives attention.

If it does, the technical term is “contagion.”  While it happens more with adolescents, it also happens with adults.

As the New York Times observed:

When Marilyn Monroe died in August 1962, with the cause listed as probable suicide, the nation reacted. In the months afterward, there was extensive news coverage, widespread sorrow and a spate of suicides. According to one study, the suicide rate in the United States jumped by 12 percent compared with the same months in the previous year.

New York Times Article on Contagion

Two links to contagion in the topic that will not be named here:

  1. First link.
  2. Second link.

Every time the subject that I will not name occurs, people decide that it is time to express rage against those they disagree with on related subjects, to seek to be pundits and glorify themselves and their opinions, to seek attention like ghouls fattening themselves on the slaughtered and to feast on the abattoir of the dead for their own emotional gratification.

[Yes.  I can use poetic harsh language like everyone else does.  When I use it, it just happens to be true as well.]

Instead, our response should be silence.

As to the offenders:

Let them be forgotten.

Let their names be blotted out.

Let them fall into silence.

Let them turn to nothing.

Let them die all deaths.

But we need to recognize contagion.  We need to accept responsibility when we are part of contagion that causes death.  And we need to review how self-righteous, how narcissistic we are.  Are we the ones who walk away from Omelas or are we those who not only know of the horror, but relish our part in it?


  • What can we do to stop violence?
  • When are we complicit in violence because we spread the contagion like a disease?
  • What are your thoughts?

This post has no images.  That is intentional.

Yes.  I own a firearm.  It is a single shot pistol with break open action.  It fires .22 rounds.  I can get up to six rounds a minute fired with it.  It resides in a gun safe about a thousand miles from where I live as it is an inherited collector’s item. I’ve fired it once, maybe (my memory is hazy, I handled it briefly about fifty years ago).