When it comes to suicide there are times when moving from abstracts to details will kill people.

I posted about this some before.


[W]e need to recognize contagion.  We need to accept responsibility when we are part of contagion that causes death.  And we need to review how self-righteous, how narcissistic we are.  Are we the ones who walk away from Omelas or are we those who not only know of the horror, but relish our part in it?

So. What has gone on?

  1. People have acknowledged that they can’t establish a classic correlation with the statistics.
  2. However, they have lots of anecdotal evidence.
  3. That is enough for them to make a strong post hoc ergo prompter hoc argument.
  4. With that they weaponize things.

The issue is that the weaponized histrionics are well known to cause deaths.

As far as I can tell, no one who has been weaponizing has acknowledged the blood on their hands.


First. Do not give details, or get away from abstraction to specifics–that will kill people.

Second, how do you feel about anecdotal evidence? Post hoc ergo prompter hoc arguments?

Third, is there any hypocrisy in weaponizing things (which is known to cause deaths) to claim others have caused deaths?

What should people do?