It’s time to announce the winners of the 2017 Tare-ific/Wheaties awards.  Get your speeches ready, and congratulations to the winners!  Let’s hear from you all!!!  What do you have to add?  (We’ll even take gripes about not winning!)


Best Mormon Twitter of 2017


Coolest Scoops of 2017

Best contribution to interfaith dialogue

Best book/article/movie review

Best post on Feminism

Best New Blog

Best Faith Crisis Post

Best New Blogger

Best Spiritual Post

Best Post on the Temple

Best Overall Blogger

  • Angela C

Best Post Title

Best Commenter

  • Happy Hubby

​Funniest Post

Best Doctrinal Post

Best Satirical Post

Best Historical Post

​Best Current Events Post

Best Personal Post

​Best Post on Church Policy

Best Big Blog

Best Group Blog

Best Podcast

Best Mormon Facebook community or discussion forum:

  • Exponent II group

Write-in Category



And now for the Tare-ific Awards!

Worst Commenter

  • Mike

Worst Mormon Internet Drama 2017:​

  • tweets by Wife With a Purpose