There is a young man in your ward that seems to push the limit on the cloths he wears. Both his parents are active, but they seem to be struggling with him. He is worthy to pass the sacrament, and even wears a white shirt to church on Sundays. But  sometimes he wears t-shirts under his white dress shirt with rock band logos that are plainly visible (like “Led Zeppelin”).  His belts have spikes all the way around them. He has a long chain that hangs out of his pocket connected to his wallet. One Sunday while passing the sacrament he wore a skull belt buckle, It was very large and obvious to everybody what it was. Another Sunday he wore a Confederate Flag belt buckle.

You’re the Bishop, what do you do?

  1. Do Nothing, You’re just glad he comes to church
  2. Talk with him, and ask him to dress more appropriable when passing the sacrament
  3. Talk to his parents and ask them to do something

Would your answer change if he lived with just a mother, and no father present?

Would your answer change if you have several African American families in your ward?