It has been over seven years since I first posted on Wheat&Tares as a guest with the “You’re the Bishop” series.  I thought I would post them again, updated as needed.

So these are situations that actually happened to me as a Bishop.  I was Bishop for six years in a medium sized ward in the South West. I’ve changed details enough where needed to preserve confidentially.

So let’s start out with this weeks installment of  “You’re the Bishop”


There is a young woman in your ward that is 16. She lives with a non-member mother that does not place any discipline on her. Her father is remarried and very active and lives out of town. The girl selected to live with her mother so she could pretty much do what she wants. She has several good friends in the ward, and craves the friendship and attention that she gets in church, so she attends quite regularly.

She is VERY well endowed, and wears very tight low cut tops to all church meetings. One gets quite a view when talking to her. As bishop you are on very good terms with her, and she has come to you several times with problems.
You’re The Bishop, what do you do?

  1. Do nothing
  2. You talk to her about her dress, asking her to wear something more appropriate for church.
  3. Ask the YW Pres to talk to her about her dress.
  4. Ask one of her good female friends her age to talk to her.

I’ll post a comment in a few days and let you know what I did.