It’s time one again for our annual awards!  This year, we’re trying something a little different.  Some have been concerned that the polling plugin we were using wasn’t very secure, so we are trying a new polling method.  Unfortunately, it can’t be embedded within this website, but we hope it will work as well, if not better.  (One downside is that we can’t embed links as we did in past years.)  So, go ahead and click the link below to start voting.

Vote Here!

Go ahead and campaign.  Feel free to post links (since we can’t do it on the poll) do let everyone know what your favorite categories/winners should be.  Since we got a late start on voting today, we will let it go through next Monday Jan 30 at Midnight, and announce results as soon thereafter as we can.  We may post links here later, so check back, but we wanted to get votes up as soon as possible.