It’s time to announce the awards!  For our list, we decided to order things from most popular category, down to least popular (in terms of total votes.)

Of note, Where is the Outrage? won in 2 categories: best personal post, as well as Best post on Church policy.  The New Church Policy on Gays was the most lopsided vote, winning 92% of 147 votes cast in the Best Bloggernacle controversy.

Chris Henrichson campaigned hard and won his category of worst commenter.  Elder Oaks is probably the first apostle to win a Tarefic Award for his Facebook post about Christmas cards, and the category was our most popular category, garnering nearly 200 votes!

All of the Tarefic award winners won a majority of votes.  Some of the Wheaties categories won a plurality of the vote, due to the fact that there were so many nominees.  We’re excited that Wheat and Tares won Best Group Blog for the second year in a row.  (Note we did not win the first 2 years of the award.)  It was the tightest race, winning a measly 27% of votes to win.  Ziff, our mighty number cruncher, won both Best Commenter, as well as Best Demographics post as he analyzed probability that each apostle would become church president!

Tarefic AwardsTareficAward1.jpg

What was the worst Mormon Internet Drama in 2015? 197 votes
  • Elder Oaks’ Facebook post about Christmas cards (57%)
What was the worst excommunication of 2015? 149 votes
  • John Dehlin (56%)
Tarefic Write-in category:  117 votes
Who was the biggest soapbox commenter of 2015? 66 votes
  • Meg Stout (59%)
Who was the worst commenter in 2015? 52 votes
  • Chris Henrichson (60%)

WandTaward.jpgNow it’s time to vote for the best of Mormonism and the Bloggernacle!

Best Solo Blog:  196 votes
What was the best Mormon activism of 2015? 147 votes
What was the Best big blog last year? 133 votes
What was the Best Bloggernacle Controversy last year? 119 votes
Who was the Best overall blogger last year? 119 votes
  • Hawkgrrrl (47%)
What was the Best Post on the New Gay Policy? 111 votes
What was the Best group blog last year? 109 votes
Which of these write-ins is most deserving of a Wheaties Award? 102 votes
What was the best post title last year? 102 votes
Who was the best commenter last year? 100 votes
  • Ziff (30%)
Funniest Post last year: 97 votes
What was the Best new blog (first published in 2015)? 97 votes
What was the Best faith crisis post last year? 95 votes
What was the Best podcast last year? 93 votes
Best contribution to the Bloggernacle in 2015: 92 votes
What was the Best doctrinal post last year? 92 votes
Best satirical post last year? 91 votes
What was the best historical post this past year? 88 votes
Best current events post last year: 79 votes
What was the funniest blog last year? 75 votes
What was the Best post on feminism last year? 74 votes
Best personal post last year: 74 votes
Best Mormon Facebook community or discussion forum last year? 71 votes
Who is the Best new blogger of 2015? 69 votes
  • Michael Austin (84%)
Best post on church policy of last year: 68 votes
Best post series last year: 68 votes
What was the Best Post on the Temple last year? 64 votes
What was the best spiritual post last year? 57 votes
What was the Best book/article/movie review last year? 46 votes
Best contribution to interfaith dialogue: 43 votes
 If you’re a winner, feel free to give us a speech.  And you’re welcome to add a Tarefic or Wheaties badge on your blog!  Comments and speeches welcome!