Last night, our family attended the new Provo City Center Temple open house.  I had never been to the Provo Tabernacle before it burned everything except for the outer facade.  Following the fire which gutted the building, the President Monson announced that the building would become a new temple.  It was beautiful inside.

Inside of Provo Tabernacle was gutted by fire

The building is quite small, especially compared to other temples in Utah.  One of the pleasant surprises was the beautiful murals on the walls.  It seemed to hearken back to the old days when murals were common in the Salt Lake Temple.  Murals and beautiful stained glass seems like this is a new trend, and I like it a lot better than the plain walls of temple.  (I’ve recently attended weddings in the Bountiful and Mt. Timpanogos temples, both built in the 1990s with very plain by comparison walls.)

Couldn’t find interior shot of Provo City Temple, but this is the Kansas City Temple interior with murals, courtesy

There are 5 sealing rooms, some with room for just 3 witnesses and 6 patrons. It appeared to me that people walk from room to room during endowments, similar to the Salt Lake Temple.

Are you excited to see the new murals and beautiful stained glass?  Why do you think other temples do not have these beautiful features?  Do you enjoy walking from room to room for the endowment, or do you prefer to stay seated in the same room the whole time?