This is our last call for nominations!  We had very few nominations last week, so be sure to make them known!  Every year it seems someone finds out too late.  Tell your friends!  Here is an update with fewest nominations listed first.

Tare-ific Awards

Who was the biggest soapbox commenter of 2016?
Tare-ific Write-in category:
What was the worst excommunication of 2016?

Who was the worst commenter in 2016?

  • Rob Osborn
  • Ronkonkoma

What was the worst Mormon Internet Drama in 2016?

“Tobias Funke Award” – An award for the most unintendedly dirty sounding thing a Mormon said or did

  • BYU-I post with the legs blurred out
  • Sis. Nelson saying “tooting a flute” in her sex talk
  • The BYU post about skirt length that say “On Your Knees”

Top discarded comparisons Wendy Nelson wanted to make about worldly sex but didn’t.

  • Worldly sex : sex swings. Spiritual sex : tree swings.
  • Worldly sex: tooted flutes. Spiritual sex : all about that bass.
  • Worldly sex : golden showers recorded by Russian intelligence. Spiritual sex : golden showers recorded by the Holy Ghost.
  • Worldly sex: tastes great. Spiritual sex: less filling.
  • Worldly sex: peanut butter. Spiritual sex: chocolate.
Now it’s time to vote for the best of Mormonism and the Bloggernacle!

Best Solo Blog:

Who was the best commenter last year?
Best contribution to the Bloggernacle in 2016:
Best contribution to interfaith dialogue:

What was the best Mormon activism of 2016?

What was the Best Bloggernacle Controversy last year?
  • BYU’s (mis)-handling of rape reports
  • Will Utah vote Trump, Clinton, or McMullin?
Who was the Best overall blogger last year?
  • Mormon Heretic
  • Hawkgrrrl
  • Jana Reiss
What was the Best Post on the New Gay Policy?
What was the best post title last year?
Funniest Post last year:
What was the Best new blog (first published in 2016)?
What was the Best faith crisis post last year?
What was the Best doctrinal post last year?
Best satirical post last year?
What was the best historical post this past year?
Best current events post last year:
What was the funniest blog last year?
What was the Best post on feminism last year?
Best post on Benevolent Patriarchy
Best personal post last year:
Who is the Best new blogger of 2016?
Best post on church policy of last year:
Best post series last year:
What was the Best Post on the Temple last year?
What was the best spiritual post last year?
What was the Best book/article/movie review last year?
Wish they still updated these blogs:
  • The Mormon News Report
  • Mormon Mentality
  • Life on Gold Plates
  • Celibate in the City
  • The Faithful Dissident

Where are they now?

  • Cowboy
  • FireTag (he passed away, but we still miss him)
  • New Iconoclast
Best Use of Data:
Which of these write-ins is most deserving of a Wheaties Award?
 Best big blog:

Voting starts next week!  This is your last chance to nominate!  (By the way, Main Street Plaza is hosting their Brodie Awards.)