Senators Reid and Pressler with their wives and Clayton Christensen. Courtesy of the Deseret News

Very interesting story today in the Deseret News about the baptism of former United States Senator Larry Pressler, Republican of South Dakota. Pressler, 73, was baptized on April 19th (yesterday) at the Chevy Chase Ward in Maryland. He had some pretty impressive missionaries. In addition to Senator Reid, who gave Brother Pressler a Book of Mormon, Clayton Christensen, well-known Harvard business professor and author baptized him. Both Reid and Christensen spoke at his baptism.

He has had many encounters with members of the Church, starting early in his political career by hiring Richard Wirthlin a pollster by profession, brother of late Apostle Joseph b. Wirthlin and a former member of the 2nd Quorum of Seventy. Pressler also had a close association with Senator Orrin Hatch.

I’ll let you read the article for all the other details but it brings up two important points.

1. In spite of the vitriol against Senator Reid, he is a good missionary and a good member of the LDS Church.

2. Using Brother Pressler’s words, “I kept having little coincidental encounters with Mormonism that I can’t really explain,” should convince us that being a good example and being willing to share our beliefs is as good a missionary tool as asking the golden questions.