Now that 2014 is in the rear view mirror, it’s time to start looking for the best and worst of this past year.  Start your nominations!  We want to highlight YOU and your favorite Mormon blogs.  Once again Ziff, the mighty numbers cruncher of Zelophehad’s Daughters will handle results presentation at the end of this event.  Because some of these are pretty common, we will start with a few nominations, but feel free to add your own in the comments below.

Here are our 2014 Wheaties categories:

Best big blog:

Best group blog:

Best podcast:

Best Mormon Facebook community or discussion forum:

Best Bloggernacle Controversy:

  • Kate Kelly Excommunication
  • Bloggers targeted (John Dehlin, Rock Waterman, Kirk Caudle)
  • Mormons in Torture Policy
  • Cliven Bundy takes on Feds
  • New Polygamy Essays on

Best humorous blog:

Best apologetic blog:

Best new blog (first published in 2014):

Best solo blog:

Best new blogger:

Best blog layout/graphics:

Best overall blogger:

Best commenter:

Most memorable comment:

Funniest thread:

Best post title:

Best humorous post:

Best satirical post:

Best historical post:

Best post series:

Best poetry post:

Best apologetic post:

Best spiritual post:

Best doctrinal post:

Best post on church policy:

Best personal post:

Best faith crisis post:

Best current events post:

Best book/article review:

Best contribution to the Bloggernacle in 2014:

Best contribution to interfaith dialogue:

Best Mormon Activism:

Write-in category:


And here are the categories for the Tarefic Awards!

Worst Mormon Internet Drama:

Biggest Soapbox Commenter:

Commenter that started the most arguments:

Most missed personality on the Bloggernacle:

Worst Mormon Activism:

Worst Comments:

Write-in category:

If you think of another category we haven’t listed, feel free to nominate!  Also, please spread the word!  Some blogs didn’t know about the nominations until it was too late.

Please include a link to the 2014 blog/post/comment that you nominate if you wish it to be considered. Put your link in [brackets] so that it will get through our spam catcher.  As always, you are welcome to nominate yourself, but try to think of some other bloggers to recognize too.  For-profit blogs  will not be considered.  This thread is the place to make any  thoughtful comments, concerns or suggestions on the categories or the process.  They will be duly considered by our panel.  Thank you for your participation. It’s YOU that makes the Wheaties and Tarefic Awards great!