Tipping is commonplace in the United States, but not so much in Europe.  A recent Freakonomics episode found that service improved when tipping was abolished.  A 2012 study found that countries that tipped the most have a perception of increased corruption.  I’ve always found certain practices strange.

Is tipping even fair?  Slender women earn more tips than fat women.  Blondes earn more than brunettes/redheads.  I remember that one restaurant owner loved having a busy restaurant, because he made more money, but his poor servers complained about getting worse tips because they had too many tables to serve.

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Do you tip fast food restaurants?  Do you tip before you receive your service?  Do you tip hairdressers, flight attendants?  I went to pick up pizza for a New Years Party this weekend.  I was supposed to get the pizza at 550 pm.  I came late (650) and it still wasn’t done, and I didn’t get it for another 20 minutes.  I wasn’t about to tip for service that bad.

Tell us your tipping stories.