Wheat & Tares welcomes guest poster Bill Reel once more for a discussion on “David Bokovoy: Historical Jesus”, an interview that discusses what we are to make of Jesus in the Historical sources.

At Mormon Discussion Podcast we interviewed David Bokovoy this Week

Scholars and Authors like Bart Erhman take the Divine Jesus and strip him down to a rebellious itenerant preacher.  Is there a faithful way to address the same issues and yet hold firm to faith?

– What do you think of the Historical Jesus discussion?

– Has this topic opened your mind to new ways to interpret the early church and Jesus Christ?

– How do you reconcile such a polarizing topic?

Also there is on the home page 4 additional episodes featuring N.T. Wright and a fundamental conservative approach to the Historical Jesus.

This episode is found HERE


Bill Reel is the host of Mormon Discussion Podcast. The podcast tries to deal with the tough issues forthrightly while “leading with faith”.