Mitt Romney, Cardinal Dolan, and President Obama

Mitt Romney and President Obama spoke at Al Smith’s dinner a few weeks ago, put aside politics for a night and told some jokes.  Mitt brought some pretty good Mormon jokes to the dinner.  I thought I would share a few, as well as a Sesame Street joke immediately after.

“Of course this isn’t a night for serious politics.  It was especially nice to see President Obama and Cardinal Dolan sharing the diets (?) despite their differences.  I’m sure the Cardinal has no hard feelings.  We might get an indication of that during the dinner to see if he turns the President’s wine turns into water.  [laughter] Or for that matter if my water turns into wine….[more laughter]”

“Usually when I get invited to gatherings like this, it’s just to be the designated driver.”

“People seem to be very curious as to how we prepare for the debates. Let me tell you what I do.  First, refrain from alcohol for 65 years before the debate.  Second, find the biggest available straw man and then personally attack it.  Big Bird didn’t even see it coming.  By the way, in the spirit of Sesame Street, the President’s remarks are brought to you tonight by the letter is the letter O, and the number 16 trillion.”

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