I helped a family member move last week. Now I know that we sometimes make fun of the Elders Quorum Moving Company. But if you are the lucky recipient of their services, it’s no laughing matter. It’s marvelous. It sometimes borders on the miraculous.

There may be times when you, a youngish elder with a strong back, roll your eyes at yet another announcement for a “service opportunity.” But let me tell you, after spending several days ahead of time packing things in boxes and throwing some things out and taking a trip or two to the dump — hey, when six guys show up on a Thursday after work and in 45 minutes get the boxes and the beds and the furniture all loaded into the truck, that is just a marvelous thing. And on the other end, where no one really knows you yet, a single phone call to the bishop or the EQP produces the miracle of four guys showing up on Saturday afternoon to spend 30 minutes carrying all that stuff up a flight of stairs into the new place.

I doubt LDS congregations are the only churches that produce moving squads on demand, but I’m guessing they are at the top of the list. Sometimes wives and kids tag along. Sometimes there are pizzas, sometimes some extra food appears with the help. Sometimes items get distributed at the last minute. Need a high chair, you say? Here, take it. An office chair? Please, take it (the very worst item to pack.) Somehow it all works out.

I’ll also give a shout out to the Relief Society Meal Service. A different family member went through a tough time with medical challenges last month and three or four meals a week showed up at their door for a month or two. So timely, so helpful, so tasty, so appreciated.

Any similar stories to share?