The Church’s web site is pretty boring. Maybe the Church could use some of the money spent on the PR department (with little results as evidenced in this last week’s press releases) and hire several good copywriters to come up with some better headlines on their web page. Something that will make you want to click on them!

So I thought I’d help them out by coming up with some attention grabbing headlines. Some might even call these Click-bait!

Top Ten Commandments: No 7 will blow your mind!

How to achieve a testimony using this one weird trick!

What this guy said he did in less than a week will make you question everything!

First Pres announces no more Tithing Settlement! You’ll never believe why!

We can guess your faithfulness in 15 questions.

Restricted places in the Temple even the Prophet is not allowed to visit!

Nine reasons why you are late to church. Moms in Provo can’t believe number 4!

11 things Utah Mormons do that California Mormons find utterly bizarre!

97 Year Old Man Shares Secret of Not Going To Hell!

He Thought it Was Just A Pile of Rocks, Then God told him THIS!

Prophet Announces Five New Temples, member’s jaws drop when they see number 3!

Oaks Reveals Brilliant Method of Paying Tithing Even When You Are Poor

Man Finds Gold Plates, Angle Tells Him He Can’t Have them Until He does THIS!

Now it’s your turn to help the Church. What would you suggest?

Image by kirui kiptoo from Pixabay