I recently got my second Covid booster. When I scheduled it, I put out a quick Twitter poll to see whether others were getting a second booster or not. My results were:

  • 43.6% had already had their 2nd booster.
  • 46.2% were not yet eligible.
  • 7.7% were unsure they wanted to do it. (Actual response: “Meh, not sure I will.”)
  • 2.6% said they would never do it. (Actual response: “Never! I live on the edge!”)

Admittedly, I went longer than I had to for this second booster, mostly because when I got Covid last fall, it wasn’t that bad except losing my sense of taste & smell for five days which resulted in me clearing out a bunch of undesirable stuff from the freezer that would otherwise just continue to be uneaten. I also found that my booster shot made me tired the day I did it, and while that wasn’t unpleasant, it just felt like a pain. I was also kind of waiting to see if there would be a new version that is more effective against these latest strains.

What got me over the line was several family members who got it (all of whom live far from me, so this wasn’t an exposure concern), then Biden getting it, Manchin getting it, and seeing cases rise in the UK when I was toying with the idea of a trip to North England in early fall / late summer. Plus, I just figured why not. My previous booster was over six months ago. Two of our employees have had it in recent months, one bad enough to go to the ER over it. Even if it doesn’t really make me sick, others have had some serious illness as a result.

So I thought I’d get a quick roundup of our readers to see where you all fall in the Covid demographics. First, let’s start with a basic one.

I’ve been surprised at how many people I know who have still never had it, or who just got it for the first time recently, but the number I know who have never had it is probably on par with the number who’ve had it twice. I only know one person (in the UK) who has had it three times.

We’ve established personal experience with Covid, and to an extent, natural immunity. Next, let’s find out about vaccines & boosters.

Let’s be honest. Covid has mostly been declared to be “over” in American culture if not in reality. At Church is no exception. Let’s talk about the Church’s response to Covid in your area, and how you feel / felt about that.

There’s been a lot of hay made about the number of Church members who either quit coming to Church or dialed back their observance and/or participation. Based on my own observation, that totally happened. Were you part of the “Covid Exit”?