In education there is a lot of resistance to “experts” because they tend to come in waves that look more like fads. Thus the meme I’m using here.

On the other hand, there is incredible anger in some parts of the medical community about anti-vaccine and Covid deniers.

What in your mind draws the line between a fad masquerading as expert opinion and real expertise?

  • How does that affect the way you approach advice from church leaders* and others?
  • How do you decide who is an expert and what they are an expert in?**
  • Have you ever dealt with an expert who changed their mind dramatically?***
  • Have you ever been an expert who was ignored?
  • Have you ever ignored an expert and been right?
  • What do we learn from the tragedies that were caused by ignoring experts?
  • Do we need more or fewer experts?
  • Would experts convince you Bigfoot exists?

*”church leaders” running the gamut from the local deacons quorum president who is certain they have the solution to inflation to an apostle testifying of the love of Christ.

**thinking of the Nobel prize winner who endorsed vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antihistamine that treats the symptom of congestion, rather than a cure or preventative. Movie actors were too easy to use for an example.

*** Hugh Nibley was well known for insisting that of course he changed his mind on things, he was constantly learning. Though Brigham Young’s sermon on how he was probably wrong is also a classic.