I will try to be beautiful
and strong like
the ballerina’s toes
the harpist’s fingertips
the conductor’s wrist as tempo

and when some tear me open
I will be the beauty
of currants
of strawberries
of bitten grape tomatoes

Poet’s Note

The poem’s title references Janice Kapp Perry’s song: I’m Trying to Be like Jesus. Apropos of nothing, here is a true story. I once enjoyed hearing Janice sing her own compositions from the pulpit during an Ogden LDS Institute devotional. The fire alarm went off during one of her songs. She kept singing. We all kept listening. As far as I witnessed, no one evacuated the building. Before the song ended, the alarm shut off. I guess we figured, no way is God going to let this building burn down while Janice Kapp Perry is singing. And we were right.

Featured image from Pixabay.