Today Bishop Bill has a truly historic post as it marks my 200th! I started about four years ago, and have posted every Sunday with only a few misses.

My average readers per post is about 2000. My most viewed post, with 13,239 views and counting is “The LDS Dating Crisis” from fours years ago. While I don’t believe that post was any more brilliant that my normal posts, I think it might be because it was linked on an LDS singles Facebook page, as it is still getting several hundred views every year (while most of my post go to zero after a few months). With the number of single people in the church growing, I expect this post to continue to get views for years to come. The inspiration from the post came from my daughter’s experience of dating as a single mother of three daughters after the loss of her husband to cancer. I’m happy to report that she has been happily married for three years to a wonderful man who has three boys. They did a great Brady Bunch Christmas card last year

My 2nd highest post was “God has not changes His definition of Marriage” at 8404 views, and then “Conference Odds” at 3616 views. My very lowest at 589 views was a post called “The One True Blog” where I did a parody of the First Vision Story relating it to LDS blogs. I guess the lesson for me is to stay away from parody, although in my defense, I did a very similar parody called the “One True LDS mailing list” and posted it to Mormon-L back in the 1990’s, and it was quoted in Sunstone Magazine with my name as author in an article on Mormons on the internet, so there is that!

My next lowest post was “Lost In Translation“, about how the church changes meaning of words. Not sure why that one bombed.

My posts about my mission also had very low views. I had fun reading my old mission journal and writing them, but I guess it is a lot like showing friends your old home movies, fun for you, not so fun for them!

So what works for you? Which of my posts resonate with you? Which ones are a pile of flaming ^%$@#$? (Eli, picking “all of them” is not an option.)