There was a seventy who attended the same stake conferences where he lived, year after year. He noticed a family. The father regularly had new suits. The boys regularly had new white shirts and ties, the daughters new outfits.

But the mother always wore the same red dress.

How do you think the story ended?

  1. He was appalled that the husband did not take better care of his wife, or,
  2. He admired a woman who sacrificed so much and submerged herself?

The answer you give probably reflects your age.

I grew up in an era of “women and children first.” An era of “if you have to choose between educating your sons or educating your daughters, put your daughters first.”

I grew up in an era where church discipline was expected to be harsher on men than women. Where sexual abuse meant immediate excommunication and no re-admittance without first presidency permission.

The trend I often see discussed about the current church environment is the opposite. Where people want to “protect” boys at the expense of their victims and where abusers are often discovered after a trail of victims.

It is a strange shift, irregular in where it surfaces and so alien to me. It seems far from President Hinckley’s statements that implied a priesthood holder who did such things was headed for hell

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