Testify: Express your feelings about
– The President of the Church and the twelve apostles.
– Your assurance that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true Church of Jesus Christ.
– The need to belong to the only true Church.”

The Restoration: Discussion 3, pg. 3_12, under “Teaching Helps”

Beloved, must we shrug and patter? Feints
won’t help restore our smiles or bring back May.
We landed here because of wise complaints.
Perhaps we need two paths, so both can say,
“I’ve found my truth, my one and only way.”
No, you will lead us broken and contrite
toward your sole-sourced homestead, there to lay
all my hopes on your altar—your delight
to walk this world exclusive, clean—proclaimed as right.

Poet’s Notes:

This stanza draws from the the Uniform System for Teaching the Gospel, published by the Church. I taught these discussions to investigators on my mission in the mid-1990s. The featured image is of my personal copy.

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