“God gives us commandments to help us understand how we can fulfill his plan and become more like him.”

The Gospel of Jesus Christ: Discussion 2, pg. 2_20

You freely gave your gift; you never told
us it might be revoked. Paid penalties,
even as you knew we’d fall short of old
god-worthy scions. Calmly bearing keys
and your birthright, you ply them to appease
our parents, even as we prides and joys
roughhouse in a drenched yard on muddy knees.
They mourn the clots like long lost golden boys,
and warn us sternly: take a bath or lose your toys.

Poet’s Notes:

This stanza is based loosely on the second missionary discussion, part of the Uniform System for Teaching the Gospel, published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I taught this discussion to investigators on my mission in the mid-1990s. The featured image is of my personal copy.

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