“The privilege of joining with God in creating life is an essential part of the plan of salvation. … The law of chastity given by the Lord is that we are to have no sexual relations with anyone except our husband or wife.”

Eternal Progression: Discussion 4, pg. 4_14

“Curse the straight answer; praise be wiggle room.”
Middling folk muse on what is meant by No
like Laman and Lemuel, who hear then fume,
angered by angels who state things just so.
Child, don’t you see I’m daring you? Say, “No
thanks.” You want the mystery back, but it’s gone.
Here ends your mansion tour, all things aglow—
the old wing, the new wing—all yours. I’ve drawn
the outside curtains open. Move in or move on.

Poet’s Notes:

Keep in mind, I’m an agnostic, not a true believer. This poem draws from the Uniform System for Teaching the Gospel, published by the Church. I taught these discussions to investigators on my mission in the mid-1990s. The featured image is of my personal copy. You can also read these:

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