“The message we have been discussing is very important to you.”

The Plan of our Heavenly Father: Discussion 1, pg. 1_20

When invitation’s fleece enfolds both minds,
they sip yes before two veils of preference;
child drinks touching of hands, courtship of kinds,
warm welcomes foamed afloat—wisps of reverence.
First, Mother frames her promise, bids deference,
her pattern set to clear all mortal palls.
Will he sweetly tender new obedience?
He feels her whispers; warm assurance falls
from eyes all-wise, from words all-able, calming squalls.

Poet’s Notes:

This stanza is based loosely on the first missionary discussion, part of the Uniform System for Teaching the Gospel, published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I taught this discussion to investigators on my mission in the mid-1990s. The featured image is of my personal copy.

Reactions to the poem are welcome in the Comments section below, along with observations of the first discussion itself, from those who taught or received it.

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