Is the blessing only for the baby, mostly for the baby, somewhat for the parents, especially for the parents, perhaps for the congregation, in truth for the Church, essentially to remind a Bishop eight years hence, definitely for the baby now, though also for the parents going forward, but just maybe for the congregation right here and now, or for the visiting Catholic in-law who says, “Oh… so it’s a christening?”

The baby bobs in a band of brethren.
Mother embraces grandmother remembering.
The uncle wonders why some cry as others smile.
Muffled poofs of ho-ho and hee-hee ripple out
from members seeing cuteness raised up.

Sleep sweet sister, sleep on sibling.
I wish you neither weeping nor awake.
Let blessings rest upon your stilled dress.
Let no rustling robes of angels spoil this hush.

Poet’s Notes:

For another post in my “Fragments” series, try 2 Fragments from Texas.

Stanza’s 2 and 3 are actually a homework assignment I gave myself after reading a chapter on devices of sound in Mary Oliver’s A Poetry Handbook.

The featured image, utilizing a Photoshop plaster filter, is based on a picture I took of my grandniece being held by her great-grandfather. He blessed her during sacrament meeting on Mother’s Day.