A General Conference Erasure Poem

receive counsel and instruction
learn and teach
nurture and admonition

casualness and filthiness
careful versus casual
small and simple

sin and transgression
peace and happiness
faith and strong testimonies
still and small

higher and holier
love god and love your neighbor
pick and choose
patience and an eye of faith

limit freedom and perpetuate ignorance
doers not hearers
physical death and spiritual banishment
our crust of comfort and tiny cup of compassion

rally and bless
look to and serve
not mine, but Thine
truth and right

watch and pray
home and family
quorum and family
something or nothing

process, not event
love and joy
do better, be better

disrupt and impede
jealousy and resentment
how you spend and where you devote

Poet’s Notes:

The above erasure poem utilizes phrases from addresses delivered during the Saturday sessions of General Conference. A conjunction or two has been added or modified. (It’s good to be the scribe!)

Image Credit: Butterfly Nebula as imaged by the Hubble Space Telescope (NASA/STScI). This cosmic marvel is believed to originate from a binary star system. For a full caption, visit NASA’s image feature page.