I have heard that the current Apostles are told NOT to keep diaries, and they also have to turn over to the church upon their deaths any notes or writings. A good example of what the church is trying to avoid can be found in the Diaries of Wilford Woodruff. (1) Below are several entries. (Grammar/spelling/punctuation per original; somebody with worse writing than Bishop Bill!)

Feb 7th, 1852: Governor B. Youngs address Before the legislature assembly of the Territory of Utah upon slavery…….. The Lord said I will not kill Cane But will put a mark upon him and it is seen in the face of every Negro on the Earth And it is the decree of God that that mark shall remain upon the seed of Cane & the Curse remain untill all the seed of Abel should be redeemed…..And if any man mingles his seed with the seed of Cane the ownly way he Could get rid of it or have salvation would be to Come forward & have his head Cut off & spill his Blood upon the ground. It would also take [require] the life of his children

Oct 7th 1856: President Young was asked if it would not be well to send the the Presidents of the seventies out. He said no they would Preach the people to sleep and then to Hell. Now there is brother Levi Handcock. Why he will fiddle diddle di fiddle diddle do fiddle diddle dum and tweedle diddle ta. Now he might preach a month & ther would be no more spirit of God in it than their would be in a Cabbage Leaf.

March 21st, 1857: I bought an Indian boy of Brother Willis this morning about 6 years old. His Indian name was Saroquetes. We call him Nephi. He appears a smart active good boy. I paid $40 for him. I am in hopes to Educate him & prepare his mind that He may some day be useful in preaching to his tribe of the Piedes.

June 2 1857: The subject of Eunuchs came up & Joseph Young said that He would rather die than be made a Eunuch . Brigham Said the day would Come when thousands would be made Eunuchs in order for them to be saved in the kingdom of God.

Sept 29th, 1957: Elder John D. Lee also arrived from Harmony with an express and an awful tale of Blood. A company of Calafornia Emigrants of about 150 men and women & children many of them belonged to the mob in Massouri & Illinois they had many Cattle & horses with them. As they traveled along south they went damning Bringham Young Heder C. Kimball & the heads of the church saying that Joseph Smith ought to have been shot a long time before he was. They wanted to do all the evil they could so they poisioned Beef & gave it to the Indians & several of them dies. The Indians became inraged at their Conduct & they surrounded them on a prairie & the Emigrants formed a Bulwark on their waggons….but the Indians fought them 5 days untill they killed all their men about 60 in Number. They then rushed into the Carrall & Cut the throats of their women and children except some 8 or 10 that they brought and sold to the whites.

Aug 21, 1877: I Wilford Woodruff went to the temple of the Lord this morning and was Baptized for 100 persons who were dead including the signers of the Declaration of Independence all except John Handcock and William Floyd. I was Baptized for the following Eminent Men: Daniel Webster, Washington Irving, Micheal Faraday, William Makepeace Thackery, John Caldwell Cahoon, Henry Clary, Charles Louis Napoleon Bonapart , Christopher Columbus, Sir Walter Scott, Frederick 2d King of Prussia, Americus Vespucius…..

March 3rd, 1894: I had a Dream in the night. I met with Benjamin Franklin. I thought He was on the Earth. I spent several hours with him and talked over our Endowments. He wanted some more work done for him than had been done which I promised him He should have. I thought then he died and while waiting for burial I awoke. I thought very strange my dream. I made up my mind to get 2d Anointing for Benjamin Franklin a& George Washington.

I wonder what diaries of the current Q15 would look like if they kept them. Would they be like the above, or read like a GC talk?

(1) Waiting For World’s End The Diaries of Wilford Woodruff, Edited by Susan Staker. Signature Books, 1993