Wait, maybe there is. And President Nelson just addressed 60,000 plus Mormons and friends at the Arizona stadium where, on other Sundays, the Arizona Cardinals play the game of football. Once again, Mormonism and football cross paths.

The Mormon Newsroom posted an article summarizing the remarks by Pres. Nelson, Pres. Oaks, and their two wives. According to the post, Pres. Nelson encouraged members to “mak[e] their homes centers of learning and spirituality.” Pres. Oaks noted recent changes to LDS practices and schedules, and is quoted as saying, “The changes that make a difference to our position on the covenant path are not changes in Church policies or practices, but the changes we make in our own desires and actions.”

In conjunction with the visit to Arizona, Pres. Nelson published an op-ed in the Arizona media. He discusses his recent visit to Paradise (the one in California) and his experience as a surgeon, while delivering a nice non-denominational message: “Whatever your faith tradition or personal circumstances, as a servant of the Lord, I invite you to look to Him and make Him the center of your life.”

The SL Trib also covered the visit. Among other points, the article stated that “Nelson emphasized that faith does not and cannot spare people from challenges, sorrow and physical and emotional pain.”

This is neither the first nor the last of these stadium events featuring Pres. Nelson and other speakers. If the signature event of Pres. Hinckley’s tenure as President was the press conference (a practice not followed by his successors), the stadium soiree is becoming the signature event of Pres. Nelson’s tenure. A few questions for readers:

  • Have you attended one of these events?
  • What was your impression?
  • What sort of discussion or directives were featured in your wards before and after the visit and event?
  • Whether you have attended or not, what do you think of this push to get out and have direct contact (albeit at stadium distance) with the membership?