My earliest recollection of crying over a TV program was when I was about 5 years old. I was watching “The Little Match Girl”, and remember crying at the end of the show (spoiler alert!) when the little girl freezes to death. I cry a lot, which is contrary to my normal personality that is jovial, but can be quite flippant and sarcastic at times, as you can tell from my posts. I cried today as I looked over the names of the 12 people shot to death at the Borderline Bar, which is about 20 miles from my house, and was even visited by my daughter years ago.  I cry at the suffering of babies starving to death in third world counties. I cried when Mama Coco dies in a animated movie while watching it with my grandchildren!

I blame this on my mother, from whom I inherited this ability to shed tears at the drop of a hat. My mother was the same way, and my father would often tease that my mother would cry watching a commercial on TV when they picked the wrong soap!

The church would have us believe that my crying is the spirit touching my soul. I used to believe this growing up, but as an adult, I started to wonder why the spirit was touching me while watching a Disney cartoon.  As a missionary I was told to tell our investigators that the good feeling they had was the Holy Ghost testifying of the truthfulness of what we were saying.  From this imprinting, every time these people would feel this same warm and fuzzy, they would associate it with the spirit, and by connection, the missionaries and the Mormon church.  This is the same trick I read in a psychology book about how to to get a girl to like you.  You take her on a date to an amusement park, and take her on a thrill ride like a roller coaster.  As she is with you on the ride, the thrill of the ride will be associated with you, and every time she sees you afterword, she will associate that excitement of the ride with you.

So do you associate all of this type of crying with the “spirit”? As I’ve discussed recently here , is there a type of brain that is more susceptible to the “spirit”, and thus more readily cries?

Where are you on the crying spectrum? Easy crier like Bishop Bill, or less so, in which case people could say you are insensitive!