From the Snarky

How to start this weekend? That’s a quandary.
Will the heavens weep if I do laundry?

By revelation’s great and holy power,
my weekly slothfulness has shrunk one hour.

saith man saith man saith man saith man saith man
saith man saith man saith man saith pray woman.

To the Solemn


Perfection is in Christ, not in ourselves;

so place your love with people, not on shelves.

Our firstborn faith, limited to this brief time,
marvels—pondering the vast assembly’s clime.

To see the needs, to tend the flock we’ve set apart,
God grant an instant bond of love—a shepherd’s heart.

Poet’s Notes:

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In Couplet 4, the line “Perfection is in Christ, not in ourselves” is taken directly from Elder Gerrit W. Gong’s Saturday afternoon address. Couplet 5 was prompted by President M. Russell Ballard’s Sunday morning address and draws phrases from D&C 138. Couplet 6 draws phrases from President Bonnie H. Cordon’s address in the same session.

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Images by Jake Christensen. The second image is titled Pietà, a sculpture by Charles Umlauf. A traditional subject of sculpting, a pietà depicts the Virgin Mary holding the dead body of Jesus Christ.