A recent Bloomberg article mentioned that the budget deficit for the 11 months ending in August was $898 billion, far more than was forecast. The article breaks down the shortfalls and the projected future deficits of up to $1 trillion.

I figured I would post a project I’ve been maintaining for a while where I graph the annual budget surplus/deficit, revenue breakdown, and spending categories for each year since 1995. My graph only goes through 2017 because I wait for the end-of-year tally, but it shows how much of the spending consists of national defense (which, following 2001 ballooned to eat up more and more of the budget), Social Security, etc.

Federal surplus/deficit (click to enlarge)


Federal budget receipts (click to enlarge)


Federal spending by category (click to enlarge)

[Note: the category of “Health” is a bit ambiguous but, according to the source data, consists of health care services, health research and training, and consumer/occupational health and safety. The category of “Income Security” almost completely consists of federal employee retirement and disability, and unemployment compensation.]