In the name of virtue,
hands reserved you
at this time on The Earth.
Born into a fine,
you correct principles—
you the outstanding young.
You are
your strength and helping.
Build up.

To many who are seeking,
you will always remain close.
You will choose those
who will be able to help you,
as you become closer to
you. At the proper time,
you will have
your capabilities and your talents.
Bring them into the net.
Have the joy of confirming,
throughout this life.

After you have completed
a lovely young lady
who loves you dearly,
be able to take her
to your wonderful.
By her wonderful,
you and your wonderful will
develop into honorable.

Kindred will have the joy
of tears in their eyes.
While awaiting,
you will always be honorable in keeping.
You are called to increasing.
Your beloved will be a tower
As you continue,
in the last part of Fulness,
you will have your wonderful.

In keeping,
you are tempted by rebuke.
You bear, in the name You,
upon you.

Poet’s Note:

The above piece is an erasure poem. I began with my personal patriarchal blessing. Using a word processor, I essentially erased most of the blessing transcript until left with the above text. Rather than a literal abridgment, this piece serves as a standalone poem open to independent interpretation.

For more information on erasure poems, here is a helpful article from