two of one largest and powerful

each the prophet the Lord restored
for our for our

they read, ponder, and pray the reveal
by the power

dealings of the Americas
of the fulness of meaning
of the dealings of meaning
of what men must do to gain
the preaching and testimonies
come down gold
delivered and published
to Mormon if

this book
if if
if Joseph Smith was entertaining
if true
then great

volume contains will; let it roll round the earth
let it be whispered still
eternal after two,
how one refused to read
experts read read experts
find out for yourselves, experts
let pages flip a momentary flash

isolated two
lovely young denomination as two
importuning unto you
unto you
divine will burn within you
highest true when fact is not

we need not trifle with true

accept as pure
Lord or Lucifer
so bold a test
all take this test
test alike for Jew,
for bond, for black,
all treasure the test
let every person list
each a blank piece of paper
paper in two columns parallel
columns surpass anything better
so on so on

ask a thousand,
between first and thousandth
is true will
ask then
and answer:
it is a book book book
it is a voice voice

whispers of a fallen people

it is truth
it is stick in hands
it contains sheep voice
it is evidence proof, by faith
it is Joseph Smith called salvation

it is as it happens
book before bar of judges

Poet’s Notes

This erasure poem utilizes words and phrases taken from the written text of Elder Bruce R. McConkie’s October 1983 General Conference address: “What Think Ye of the Book of Mormon?” The poem should be read as a new piece, rather than an abridgment of McConkie’s sermon.

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