A new report shows updated data on religious views of same sex marriage. A couple interesting data points within the Mormon Church.

1. Opposition towards same sex marriage within the Mormon Church is decreasing. In 2013, it was 68%. In 2017 it was 53%.

2. There is a huge generation gap. 52% of Mormons 18-29 favor same sex marriage compared to 32% of seniors (65 and up).

Overall across all Americans, 61% favor same sex marriage. Among Mormons it is 40%. I didn’t see a comparable data point for all Mormons in 2013, but it looks like it must be about 30%. That’s a huge jump in four years.

I predict this will continue to increase until the majority of active LDS support gay marriage. At that point, there will be considerable amount of prayers and humble requests coming from active LDS asking the brethren to inquire of the Lord regarding gay marriage. I predict it will be no more than 10 years after that, that we see a revelation approving gay LDS to marry and be deemed worthy according to Law of Chastity. This is “trickle up revelation”.

I posted this on Facebook, and of course there were some lively replies.

This reply was interesting:

Maybe you are right. Maybe the church will soften it’s stance on LGBT relationships and support same-sex marriages.

I have trouble reconciling that idea with my understanding of God/nature’s God so that would result in a significant faith crisis for me personally.

My reply:

This idea of causing faith crisis is a key piece of this. Whether you consider this from a faithful perspective with God in charge who tenderly cares for his fold or you consider this from a skeptical-cynical perspective with leaders who only care about maximizing tithing dollars, both views have a priority for minimizing faith crisis. I think this is why in order for this to happen, there needs to be considerable preparation. This is the trickle up aspect of it. The LDS Body of Christ needs to prepare itself. I think if it happened now, it would be abrupt and cause faith crisis. But I think over the next 30 years, the Spirit of God will cause the majority of members to wrestle with this until the Church is ready. My opinion…

Also of note, while we’re forecasting. Pres. Oaks is 85 years old and the most likely to succeed Pres. Nelson as prophet. After the Oaks period, starting in roughly about 8-10 years and lasting roughly 4-8 years, the prophet will likely be Elder Holland or Elder Uchtdorf. After that, the prophet will likely be Elder Bednar for a 10-15 year time period. After that, the next prophet will likely come from the apostles chosen in the last couple rounds: Stevenson, Gong, Renlund, Soares.