I was just listening to a really good new podcast that just kicked off.  It is called “Listen, Learn, & Love” hosted by Richard “Pappa” Ostler.  He released a really good interview on Wednesday (February 28, 2018) where he had Paul and Susie Augenstein on the pocast.  If the name “Augenstein” doesn’t ring a bell, Paul Augenstein is a bishop in Riverton Utah.  He and his wife recently hosted a meeting in their building on loving and understanding LGBQ individuals.  Several LGBQ individuals and also their families were able to speak (you can see a few other discussions about this here, here, here, and even LDSLiving).

It is a great discussion and I would encourage you to listen to the episode.  I would even suggest the previous episode with John Bonner.  John is a gay Mormon that attended this meeting and it was the first church meeting he had attended in years.  The LDSLiving article focused a bit on him.

GiveHimHisJobThe event sounds wonderful and the podcast interview was interesting.  There was one line that really stood out for me in this interview.  It was when Susie mentions at about the 52 minute mark that she has learned that in marriages, with kids, and other places (I took that as in reference to relations to those that are LGBT) we all try to fix each other, but that isn’t our job.  Our job is to love – to learn to love as God loves us.  She had a great object lesson that she did.  She created a “picket sign” that simply said, “Give God his job back!”  Her point was that God will be our judge and we don’t need to be judging and fixing people.  God has it under control.  This may have been a bit of what Stephen was driving in his post just yesterday titled, “Find the beams in my own eye“.

That thought of how many things we try to do to “help God” has stuck with me the last day or so.  For me, some of the worst are the cases of this are those that believe in “lying for the Lord.”  To me that just shows a lack of faith that God is capable of doing his job (see my previous rant on a related subject “Faith Backbone“).  But I step back and try and take a look in the mirror and see where I need to trust a bit more in God and stop trying to do his job?

Where are some areas that we individually and collectively as a church that we could do better at “Letting God do his job” and we just focus on loving others?

Side note:  When I went to LDSLiving I happened to notice the ad that was just to the right of the article.  It made me chuckle.

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