Today’s guest post is from Jake C. who has written two evocative poems about the Kirtland temple. Enjoy!
The Visitor
None others joined us, but perhaps some ghosts;
though I suspect they skipped your charming tour.
The temple men once raised, no longer pure
nor set apart, had lost both Lord and hosts.
Just you and I attended pillars, posts,
and renovated pews. Could such allure?
The paint was fresh but the spirit stale. Be sure,
your dress and earrings offered richer boasts.
Nevertheless, with solemn silent care,
you led my dry eyes to a well of light
to drink from brazen poolsdistilling sun glints.
And from my mind this Pentecostal glare
cleansed an old treasure-seeking question: might
our traipsing God have left some gold-leafed footprints?
The Tour Guide
Image result for kirtland templeTo me the prophet fanboys seem burlesque,
but I admit them all. I hold the keys
and deadpan as they throng the sacred desk
priestly tourists ogling the pulpit’s frieze.
Though, like them, to exhume old candle grime
I’d strip the eggshell from the stucco face;
reveal Mosaic sand and Yankee lime.
Did Messianic footprints press with grace
upon the floorboards of this homespun shrine,
while seekers pled to be anointed? Scale
the curving steps with me and drink the wine
of sun glints bursting through a plate glass veil.
Nevertheless, with solemn silent care,
accept the brazen truth distilling there.