While I have been posting on and off at Wheat & Tares as “Bishop Bill” over the past 7 years as a guest, the powers that be asked me to be a regular contributor to this blog.  So I thought I’d do a brief introduction.

I’m a multi-generational Mormon on both sides of my family, with my GGGrandfather taking several plural wives after the 2nd Manifesto (1904) while living in the Mormon Colonies in Mexico.   I served a mission in South America,  was  married in the Oakland Temple soon after, and have  three kids, now all with families of their own.

I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and work for the US Government.  I meet all the stereotypes for an engineer,   with bad spelling and writing skills.  Please feel free to correct me.  I even have a little sticky note above my desk as I write this, showing when to use “affect vs effect”.


I have a warped sense of humor, as my poor wife will attest, and according to new research, a warped sense humor could be early sign of dementia.  I also like satire, and have been known to weave Monty Python quotes into my posts.

I started my life on the Mormon internet in the early 1990’s, before there was even a world-wide web.  I was a regular contributor to Mormon-L listserv, when it was hosted on BYU’s servers (until a certain professor got us kicked off!), and have been a regular poster to various forums over the last 25 years.

I was a bishop in the early 2000’s, and have since kept a pretty low profile at church as far as callings are concerned.  I am active, and love asking the hard questions in class. Being a former bishop in the same ward you served in gives you lots of leeway in making such comments in class.  I am the quintessential “cafeteria Mormon”; I take what works and reject the rest.  (Should that be a semi-colon, a colon, or a comma? Bill Gates says semi-colon so I’m going with that!)

In my free time I play with my grand kids, read cognitive psychology books,  and surf.  My user name comes from a Bishop I had in my youth, and I picked it when I was doing the “You’re the Bishop” series here on Wheat & Tares in 2010.  I plan on re-posting some of them as there are lots of new readers since then.

I hope I can meet your expectations!

Bishop Bill