I was on a flight recently and came across a man who was in charge of monitoring construction safety.  When he learned I was Mormon, he told me that he went to the LDS temple in Lubbock, Texas (pictured above) when it was under construction in order to do a safety inspection.  When he got there, they asked if he was Mormon, and he said he wasn’t.  They responded that there was part of the temple he could not visit since he wasn’t Mormon.  He didn’t mind because that wasn’t what he came to see.

I was pretty astonished to hear this story because during the open house, non-Mormons are shown the Celestial Room, Endowment Rooms, the Baptismal Font, Sealing Rooms, which I would view as most sacred.  I tried to figure out what was off-limits to this man.  (As I said before, it was under construction, so hadn’t been dedicated yet.)  The only room I can think of that people don’t see is the Initiatory booths, but I believe this is due to the fact that those rooms are generally a dead-end and hard to get people into and out of the rooms easily.  I don’t believe it is due to the sacred nature of the area.

What room(s) do you think were off-limits to this non-Mormon?  Did you find this story strange too?